A Beginner’s Guide To Bookkeeping

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Analyzing financial statements, maintaining a healthy cash flow, and filing taxes are essential to keep your business on track. However, if you don’t have the necessary experience to maintain accurate books, it could lead to incurring the wrath of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Therefore, to prepare accurate financials, it’s essential to hire a professional bookkeeper as they have the expertise to maximize deductions while minimizing tax. In addition, it will save you time and money if you’re both on the same page.

So, to ensure that you understand the process of working with a bookkeeper, Erna Janke of Genesis Bookkeeping Ltd. has put together a Beginner’s Guide to bookkeeping. Through this guide, you will feel confident that you can get your bookkeeping done efficiently.

Getting Started

Gather receipts: Keep all receipts in one place and have them ready to speed up the process. You can contact me to find out the paperwork you need to keep handy for various accounting processes, including tax filing.

Work with a professional: If you decide to hire me to do your bookkeeping, it’s essential to let me know what type of services you require so that we can plan accordingly. It will ensure that we get off on the right foot and can maintain a strong rapport.

Next Steps

Give the receipts to me:  As an entrepreneur, I understand that you may be busy with other areas of your enterprise. However, it’s imperative that you get back to me on a timely basis with all the information that I request to meet deadlines.

Maintain open communication: It’s essential to always be honest and communicate regularly with me to make bookkeeping a seamless process. Keep in mind that you’re doing this for your benefit and not to satisfy me.

Advice From The Pros

Stay relaxed: Take a deep breath before you start gathering all the information, as the process may feel overwhelming at first. Be patient. After some time, you will get used to the process, and everything will fall into place.

At Genesis Bookkeeping Ltd., my goal is to exceed your expectations. As an expert bookkeeper in Steinbach, Manitoba, you can feel confident about filing your tax returns with me. 

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