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Erna Janke - Bookkeeper in Steinbach, Manitoba

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  • Genesis is EFFICIENT Bookkeeping is what I do! I think about it all day and I have been very efficient at it. That means you not only save your time, the books will be done in half the time!
  • Genesis is PERSONAL As your bookkeeper, I will be with you all the way! I believe in your business and the difference we can make together!
  • Genesis is EFFECTIVE If you would like to learn how I saved one client $6,000 from a past financial year just click ..... I went through my client's expenses from a previous year and found that the previous bookkeeper had not reported all the expenses that my client had receipts for. I recorded all the receipts and my client brought that to her accountant. My client then found out that they did not need to pay as much income tax as what they had previously been told. I make sure that all the expenses are claimed in the year. I also make sure that my clients know where they could be more efficient and save money that way as well. Learn More
  1. You book a free 30-minute consultation.
  2. You tell me your financial goals and I help find ways to reach them.
  3. Our plan goes into effect and you find time to spend with your family... or sleep.

    I have been doing bookkeeping for the last 20+ years. I started on one client and worked for my husband’s business. After that, I now opened my own bookkeeping business.